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The Nigel Price Organ Trio

Things certainly went with a bang when the Nigel Price Organ Trio let rip at Southampton Jazz Club Tuesday, 11 December. The band were about forty minutes in to the first set when there was a massive power outage in Southampton and all went dark at The Heartbreakers. This gave many a chance to talk to the band members, eat mince pies, and buy CDs. The power came back on, hooray, and then went off again after a further two and bit numbers: we decided at this point to call it a night.

The real shame of all this is that the band were playing some really good jazz; Nigel was on great form; Ross Stanley looked like he was all set for enjoying a terrific evening; and there was a lot of interest in the drummer Joel Barford who, in short set that he was able to play, showed a real talent that we should all have liked to hear more of! Hopefully we will be able to re-book the band for a 2019 gig and the and get to finish what they started.