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Tuesday, 10 December, 2019

The Carrasco Fiasco

American Drummer Ted Carrasco presents a unique take on some of the classic Christmas repertoire. Carrasco’s group will lead the audience through a concert of seasonal jazz influenced arrangements ranging from classic material by the “Modern Jazz Quartet” to contemporary interpretations of tunes arranged by members of the band.  The line-up features saxophone master Simon Allen, double bass phenomenon Joseph Limburn, marvellous pianist Bryan Postlethwaite and charismatic vocalist Matt McNaughton.  This group has been performing holiday classics in this way for the past several years and has been met with rave reviews…. You won’t want to miss this! 

Simon Allen is a saxophone master of the highest order.  He’s one of the most in demand woodwind players in the country and has an impressive list of artists that he’s currently working with.  After studying at the Royal Academy of Music, Allen was a longtime member of Stan Tracey CBE’s quartet.  Simon is also a busy educator and holds the position as Head of Jazz at the prestigious Purcell School of Music as well as being a lecturer and ensemble director in jazz & pop at Barton Peveril College in Eastleigh. 

Ted Carrasco is an American drummer who relocated to Southampton UK in 2005.  Since living in the UK, Carrasco has been extremely busy as a performer and educator.  In 2011 Carrasco joined the Soul and Funk group The Baker Brothers and has done several tours of Europe and Japan.  In 2016 he became a regular fixture in Gilad Atzmon’s Orient House ensemble as wells as “The Lowest Common Denominator” featuring Atzmon and Alan Barnes.  In addition to keeping a busy performance schedule, Mr. Carrasco is the Head of Pop and Jazz Performance at Peter Symonds College in Winchester and is a visiting music teacher at Barton Peveril College and King Edward VI School. 

Matt McNaughton is a alluring vocalist as well as a highly demanded saxophonist.  Over the past several years McNaughton has toured all over Europe and The USA with legendary ska group The Toasters.  McNaughton is a member of underground funk sensations The Snitch, which has made several memorable appearances at Saint-Paul Soul Jazz Festival. 

Joseph Limburn is one of the heaviest cats to ever wield a double bass.  Known for his big woody sound and relentless ability to swing, Limburn is a huge asset to any group he graces.  Accepted to The Royal Academy of Music at the tender age of 17, Limburn has a fierce style that can match anyone out there.  Joe is currently in constant demand as a performer and runs several successful groups including Mambossa and Joe’s Jazz Trio.

Bryan Postlethwaite is a beautiful pianist and brilliant educator.  He has the ability to shape harmony and melody lines into luscious passages which make him a unique and demanded accompanist in any style.  His solos take you on thoughtful journeys that let you get lost in the soundscapes he creates.  Postlethwaite is also one of the top music educators in the area.  As head of music at Wyvern College, Mr. Postlethwaite has a reputation for leading his students through breathtaking performances with maturity far beyond their years.  In the last couple of years Bryan has created and leads a jazz & pop course at Barton Peveril college, accepting only the most highly skilled young musicians.