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Jazz festivals

As a jazz club in the south of England we do get notified of jazz festivals that are relevant to our region the first, the Isle of Wight Jazz Weekend, went very well so next we look forward to:

13th & 14th July, 2019

There are some forty bands booked to play in a number of venues in Swanage and details can be found by visiting the Swanage Jazz Festival website.

If you fancy travelling somewhere different for your jazz music then there is always the Malta Jazz Festival held in the capital city of Valletta. This event runs all week from 15th to 20th July with the only paid for acts playing on the Friday and Saturday.

An open air event, the Malta Jazz Festival

How is this relevant to our area? Well Malta is very easy to get to from Bournemouth airport and the flight prices are reasonable. For details of the event and whose playing check out the Malta Jazz Festival website.