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Claude Deppa / Clare Hurst Quintet


Claude Deppa – trumpet

Clare Hirst – saxophones

Andrea Vicari – piano

Dorian Locket – bass

Jordan Hadfield – drums

The Tuesday, 20th February, gig was led by the front line of Claude Deppa and Clare Hirst and we had been told to expect music that is a mixture of Claude and Clare’s eclectic compositions with influences from Township Jive to Brazilian Samba and Jamaican Reggae: they did not disappoint! The band set out a good first set with Claude and Clare swapping lead roles but always strongly supported by the excellent rhythm section. The tune “Depping For Deppa” was played in this first set and can be heard again by following the link at the end of this article.

The second set started with a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” for the club’s very own Michelle Rice who books the acts that play at The Talking Heads, home of Southampton Jazz Club. The second set is where that mix of musical influences we had been told to expect really shone. The quintet really looked as if they were enjoying the music as much as the audience were with Claude Deppa putting in some soft shoe shuffle for good measure. It was during this second set that we really got to hear the undeniable skills of the young drummer Jordan Hadfield who clearly has a future in jazz music. Praise must also go to Dorian Lockett on bass who played some wonderful solos as well as maintaining a solid groove throughout the performance. Andrea Vicari, as well, showed us the value of a very good rhythm section who provided the solid base for the front line to weave around. Final praise must go to the venue’s sound engineer, Richard, who balanced the sound out across the stage so well.

To hear the track “Depping For Deppa” from the band just click on this logo.